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    AQUAPRO_ Fog-like Cooling System  D.I.Y. Manual

Complete Set and its Standard Equipments:

1.      1 engine designed for time controller

Ø  0~30 seconds to atomize ON

Ø  0~6 minute intermittent OFF

2.      T-shape stainless valve + ball valve switch.

3.  12pcs micro fog nozzles. (Optional until 40pcs of fog nozzles)

4.  12pcs T-shape valves.

5.  25 meter of ¼” high pressurized nylon  

6.  Water pipe cutter.

* Note: The bit sharp please carefully use. Keep it away from children.

7. 1 pack of grip tapes

8. 1 pack of retaining clips


Simple D.I.Y installation explanation

 (In order to avoid insufficient hydraulic pressure, do not surpass 2 meters from water source to machine.)

Please refer to the picture given:



1.      Includes the T-shaped valve + ball valve switch, for the flow of the water.

2.      (B) Connect the nylon tube to the valve and directly insert it to the system in order for the water to get in.( The nozzle must be higher than the main engine).

3.      Machine can be hanged, depends on how you would like to display it.

4.      You are now ready for Step (C). Prepare the pressurized nylon tube with the fog-spray nozzles attached in it and directly insert it on the side of the machine for the water to flow out.

    5. (Decompression LET OUT PRESS) inserts the decompression discharge pipe in the (D) attachment.

6. Plug the power source, turn the water ball valve, set the timer, then all is set and ready.